Credit card interest down? This is the right time to shop. Maybe many of you think so. However, this opinion is wrong. Even if credit card interest rates go down, it doesn’t make you shop at will. The interest to be paid is just as great if your total purchases are also large. Do you want your salary to run out just to pay credit card interest?

Shopping is indeed a fun thing. Especially if the lure of reducing credit card interest is quite large. Before your lust goes out of control, try to avoid the following when credit card interest falls.


Shop at will

Shop at will

Shopping, shopping, and shopping. That’s what is on your mind when credit card interest goes down. It also feels like you can’t sleep because the brain is always filled with thoughts for shopping. Okay, you can go to the mall to shop the next day. But remember, you must be able to control yourself. Do not just swipe using a credit card.

This will make your total bill accumulate at the end of the month. If you don’t care how much debt you have to bear later, that’s fine. If not, you should avoid spending frequently with a credit card. Buy items as needed. Don’t overly follow your desires and passions.


Origin of Credit Card Swipe

Credit card interest is welcomed by credit card users. Every transaction is even easier to do because credit card interest rates are down. Not just shopping, hanging out in cafes or staying at hotels feels cool because of the availability of credit cards. Decrease in credit card interest does not necessarily make you directly consumptive. All costs will be paid in full when due. If not, the remaining debt will be accumulated to the next month plus monthly interest. Total debt is not actually reduced, instead it increased, right?


Create a New Credit Card

Create a New Credit Card

Credit card users are indeed spoiled with this magic card. Not only discounts, rewards, and promos that make users interested, but lower interest rates are also one thing that drives the use of credit cards. When interest falls, the desire to make a new credit card often arises. Especially for you the shopaholic who justifies any means to get the ideal goods. Buy 2 Get 1 promo is made possible thanks to this magic card.

Credit cards do have a million benefits. However, there are risks that you will have to face later if you don’t use it wisely. You can get into debt later. Your financial condition will become unhealthy if you are in debt.


Frequently Perform Cash Withdrawal Transactions


Cash withdrawal facilities on credit cards may have been known to credit card users from the start. However, this cash withdrawal idea is also not recommended for you. Why? Every cash withdrawal transaction will be charged or charge. The amount can vary according to the policies of each credit card issuing bank.

It’s okay to do cash withdrawals, but it’s still within reasonable limits. Do not because credit card interest goes down, you are too far withdraw cash here and there arbitrarily. Don’t forget the consequences of paying bills at the end of the month. By remembering this, you become discouraged when you want to overdo transactions.


Avoid Paying the Minimum Bill Amount

loan payment

The last thing to avoid is paying a minimum bill. Don’t drop credit card interest as a tool for not complying with payments. Paying the minimum bills is permitted by the bank. But is this the right decision?

“Pay a minimal bill, yet the interest is small. What is the meaning of the little flower.” Maybe this thought crossed your mind. That’s right, but you will still pay the remaining balance in the following month. The amount will be accumulated from the previous month to this month. Not to mention added interest.

The more the remaining bills, the greater the amount that must be paid every month. If you pay the minimum bills too often, the debt accumulates more and not less. Want to live in debt? Surely you don’t want to, right?


Whatever It Is, Remember to Use Credit Cards Wisely

Whatever It Is, Remember to Use Credit Cards Wisely

The practicality and convenience of credit cards make many users fall asleep. In order to stay healthy financial condition, avoid the things that have been mentioned above. What’s more for you the shopaholic. Do not because you know credit card interest down, you then shop online and then pay bills with a credit card.

Continue to be like that, instead of making a profit with the interest going down, but loss because of the amount of the bill to be paid. Whatever it is, whether shopping, transactions, or credit, remember to wisely use a credit card.