And if so, are the discounts only present in terms of commission, interest or how do the other parameters of the product differ? Let’s check the details of bank offers in this regard.

Price preferences for the bank’s own customers with a cash loan


Let’s check what preferences regarding price conditions can be expected by customers of individual banks when choosing a cash loan who meet the criteria specified for the so-called “Own base”:

  • As part of its flagship product, ie ‘Max Mini Loan Installments’, Good Finance reduces the nominal interest rate on the loan, and for higher amounts of the loan agreement, i.e. above USD 30,000 and above USD 100,000, you can count on an additional interest rate reduction;
  • Good Finance, where for the “Urgent Loan” product the commission rate for regular customers is even by 2 pp. lower (for loans granted for a year the rate is 3%, standard for new customers 5%), while the interest rate is up to 4.9% lower (14% for regular customers who want to take advantage of the offer with a loan period from 37 to 72 months vs. 18.9% for new customers.) In addition, it should be mentioned that new customers can apply for a maximum loan amount of USD 80,000, while regular customers almost double the amount, i.e. up to USD 150,000!
  • Fine Bank, under which “Cash loan”, where the commission rate is 2pp. lower for bank customers and amounts to 3% (new customers 5%). At the same time, regular customers can count on lower by up to 1.5pp. nominal interest rate!

What do you have to do to become a “regular customer” of a given bank?


The definition of a Bank Customer is different in each bank. However, those who think it must be a long-standing relationship will be surprised. It is enough for 6 months (in Good Credit and Good Finance) of the client’s history of cooperation with the bank, i.e. having a personal account with the remuneration for the income earned on that account.

At the same time, there must be no unacceptable overdraft limits on the personal account. Simple right? It takes so little to really gain huge savings, for example under a cash loan.

Provide personalized credit 


It is worth mentioning here that some banks such as Good Finance, Good Credit or Good Finance provide personalized credit offers for clients. The procedure for granting such a loan is maximally simplified, and often customers who receive such an offer can count on more favorable than standard pricing terms of such an offer. Let’s take care of your finances – it really pays off.