Why is having a credit card profitable for retirement?

Having a credit card is a distinct advantage if we can use it well. However, having a credit card can be disastrous if we cannot make it an opportunity and take advantage of its functions.

Especially in retirement, we should have a credit card that suits our needs and our income. mistakes in holding the card and using it will result in unfavorable for our financial condition. try to be smart in choosing the credit card that we will use when retirement, find out and sort out which will be able to benefit from the existence of the credit card.


Benefits of Having a Credit Card

Benefits of Having a Credit Card

Many of the credit card issuing banks provide benefits and also special products for people who have retired but still need a credit card. In addition to products from the issuing bank, it helps us pay attention to a number of things that can make considerations for us to use a credit card.


Shopping Card

It’s good we have a credit card that has worked with certain supermarkets, because a credit card like that will have several distinct advantages. Besides, it provides many benefits at discounted prices. Usually shopping credit cards also have programs that can save our monthly expenses. for that it never hurts to maintain or switch to have this kind of credit card at retirement.


Lots of Rewards

loan Rewards

In addition, also consider credit cards that give rewards to their holders. Many credit cards provide attractive rewards and benefits. Usually rewards from cards will be collected when we are actively working.

With shopping points or any rewards, it will definitely be a pity if we close it. Keep going until our retirement so that when retirement there is a possibility for us to enjoy retirement and have rewards that may be useful.


Terms of KTA

Credit cards are also still useful for us if we want to apply for a KTA, we can look for a KTA in retirement using a credit card. We can also use KTA as additional capital if we are going to start or have a business at retirement.

By having a credit card, the convenience of applying for a KTA will be easier, considering that we do not have a paycheck and the company that benefits us at retirement. In addition, the interest from KTA is also relatively small in certain banks, therefore having a credit card can also be a consideration when we undergo.


What to Look For When Choosing a Credit Card

What to Look For When Choosing a Credit Card

We can just make a credit card is a useful card or a card that will cause problems.

A policy is still needed to manage and decide when and where we will use a credit card. As a person who is retiring, of course, intelligence and emotional have become better and more mature things. Given the age and many experiences we had before.

This will be a control for us to not be careless in deciding the use of credit cards.

It’s also good to do a survey of several credit card issuing banks, which are more suitable for our needs. some things we can consider also to choose a card.

1. Competitive interest rates

We can choose competitive shopping interest from the card when used for shopping.

2. Annual Fee

Also choose cards that have free annual fees, many card issuing banks that provide annual fees are no longer a burden on their owners. This can be considered.

3. Amount of Limit

Choose a card limit that is a little do not choose a card limit that is too large. If necessary lower the limit of our card.

4. Number of Promo Programs

Choose a credit card that has a lot of promos and cooperation with many places to shop, restaurants or even cards that provide many advantages in terms of transportation.


Adjust to your needs and abilities

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Careful in choosing a credit card is something we must do to avoid getting caught up in financial problems in retirement, where retirement should be a time where we need to be more calm and enjoy life and are not burdened with financial problems. Don’t even retire when you worry about immature financial problems.

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